The song entitled, Smiling Faces written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Norman encompassed a thought that dawned on me when I picked up my elementary yearbook. As I flipped through, I remember vaguely, children not being able to understand the process. The question of why were they were alone, why there was props, a backdrop, and why would they need to smile.      

   I became interested with the moment that everyone learns about photographical portraits. More importantly, the purpose of a portrait especially if the photograph had the subjects eyes close but posing with a smile. Everyone has been in one of these situations but I thought it was interesting to explore how sincere people can be without eyes and with a happy facial expression. As I explored old bookshops for yearbooks and photo booth pictures, cultural significant of portraiture has been a heighten awareness today.  I took a few friends to have individual portraits taken in photo booths with their eyes closed. As a documentation of the personal purpose of expression through closed eyes.