As a creator, I draw inspiration from both personal and public. At times, I gravitate towards a convoluted dilemma with identity. My ethnic background is complex and most of my family history’s enriched in secrets. The uncertainty about my family’s past and the misunderstanding of society often evoke my creations. 

Today more than before, I have been making work about being a part of a community of injustice. Gender related crimes are catalysts of products I have made. I have made a series of books among other things. I wrote a scroll of letters to my vagina that uses a tampon applicator and my pocket sized drawings of female genitals to bring awareness to female genital mutilation.

In general, my pieces are inspired by my personal observations. I consider my pieces entries into a short narrative of my personal stories. After a short lived hiatus in creation, I rediscovered my interest in developing work to keep a record of events in my life. After I moved to New York, I lost my ability to remember as much as I once had. I forgot names and situations. It was almost instantaneous. Living through such a drastic change I became completely humbled and quite embarrassed especially since I prided my memories being stored so thoroughly. My practice provided a reinforcement to remember my ideas, development and progress.